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Box Office

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Turn your box office into a huge enterprise. Upgrade, sell to customers and make lotsa money.

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A fun game

And a fun game very smooth art work the character work was fresh and smooth and the gameplay was fun it was a game that keeps you playing and I do enjoy the gameplay and style of it I didn't see anything here that needs any improvements anyways nice game

Nothing as this was pretty fun


Office, huh? Box.

This was ok, ya know.


Fun game.

How come the ice cream doesn't melt and the money does?


I like lifely RPGs like this one. Graphics are nice and cartoonish, detailed, smooth. Gameplay flows on nicely, lasts long, is easy to grasp control over. The music fits in good too, overall it's a nice game, keep it going!



Well, usually I would start off with a good paragraph statement of what I like about this game, then a couple bullets giving you a heads up about whats wrong, but there is not much to say about this game seeing as its no different then all the other games that include customers ordering food. The honest to god, brutal truth is, its not fun, its not original, and its not fit for Newgrounds.

-Needs a faster movement speed.
-Gets too hard way to fast.
-Alot of bugs that need fixing.
-Not much upgrades or items to play with.