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Vault Assault

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Author Comments

The Vault lies ready to be assaulted! What is the Vault? It is a dangerous place filled with the skeletons of dead heroes. If you dare to descend into it's depths, and brave the reanimated skeletons, you will reap untold riches. Can you survive? Please review our new game "Vault Assault".

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this should have not been published yet, this at the very least, would be a base for making the game better. Try to improve your games by making a base game then improve that. This would have been a fantastic game

fun at first

the game was fun for the most part, but once you achieve all the weapons the game becomese stale. You should just end the game soon after all the objects are obtained. these are the only reason to play on. so, once you have nothing else to fight for you notice how repetitive and boring the gameplay really is. it wasnt all bad though; the game looked great and the character designs were nice. the weapons and armors also had fine unique looks. the gameplay is tight and runs smoothly for the most part.


That is what this game boils down to. See skeleton, hit x. See more skeletons, hit x. It doesn't even matter if there are 20 or even 80 skeletons, they all get blasted away easily. Figuring that out made this game get very boring, very quick. Not much challenge to it. Good attempt, bad execution.

It's surprisingly not too bad

The concept is solid, the idea is not too original but it works great, graphics are decent and it's always a pleasure to slaughter stuff mindlessy.

But this submissions has some leaks and needs some ideas and improvemente, for example:

Better animation: They're not too bad, but still they're too robotic and repetitive. It would be great to have different animations on enemies and you attacks.

More classes: Only one is way too reductive: you need at least other three.

A story: I like the concept of meaningless slaughter of skeletons, but perhaps a generic storyboard would improve the general atmosphere.

More items: I felt really disapponted when I found out there were no more items to buy and to equip, you need to implement tons of them: people loves that.

Less generic enemies: I know, skeletons are evil and wrongdoers but some variations would be much better. Also, bosses.

Better controls: They're stiff as fuck, that leads to the animation point since you can't attack or jump if the animation isn't complete.

Landscapes: Seriously, one is never enough. Same for music.

Where are the sound effects?

Level up: I noticed it by chance, a more visible benefit from level up would be great, addng a bar that makes you notice that would be even better.

Why can't I attack while I jump?

Implement that and the game may be actually cool, but as it is is rather limited and redundant.

I'll give you a 6 because it needs improvement, and a 3 because I enjoyed it for a good quarter hour.


need some responsive controls...:S but's it's a nice game...

Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2009
6:08 AM EDT