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Author Comments

An unique adventure RPG taking place in a modern (non-fantasy) setting!


Z-run (overworld only)
Space-menu (overworld only)

This took a long long time, and I hope you all enjoy it!
If you get lost or have any feedback, tell me what you think on: http://tctrpg.proboards.c om/

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Absolutely amazing game, played this 6 years ago and it was amazing, played it this year again because I missed it and it's still amazing, old times were great!
@Grawsie, can I please know all the audios and songs used in this game?

I love this game and its unique story, it reminds me of EarthBound.

This is one of my favorite games ever! I remember playing this game when I was younger and I fell in love with it and its characters. I was so surprised that I was able to find it all these years later. There has only been one question on my mind after beating it. The question was 'Is there a continuation?'.

I bet you have other projects that you are working on and other lively obligations but all I want to know is if you ever intended on making a sequel to it and if so, what would it had been like? This piece of information would quell the onslaught of thoughts that course through my head every time I think of this game.

Keep up the amazing work!

Pretty neat, but obviously has some bugs that need to be fixed. Less than 5 minutes into the game I got stuck in a wall.

Interesting Storyline. Music....eh. Decent JRPG style and controls. Cool look. A tad redundant on the world maps (but aren't all RPGs like this when you are beefing up your characters).
I really do like your steel-o (my spin on the word style [which I realized just now sounds much better in person then typed])
I truly hope for a sequel... meanwhile, I'll be checking out your other stuff.
Best of luck and please keep it coming...