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Author Comments

Landmark Game, help TriangleClock/ClamClock/C LAMBO destroy the world.

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a good game, with nice graphics, even tho the back-ground, is simply black, or TOO fuzzzy. and the whole target of the game is fun too, to make triangle fondrette the III to destroy biological-clock.or is that the world? only carrot-clock knows.

HOWEVER. the re-do level button, has a glitch. if you click it, it starts the game over, and not the specific level.
i think ou should fix this.

other than that, a good game.


Top notch graphic work, excellent music, great coding, I think we have the worlds greatest game here. I heard a rumour that microsoft is currently working on a 10 billion dollar project to make a console good enough to support this game?

Basic game, but workable

You've made a decent effort to get started here and I can easily see what the goal is for the game, so keep plugging away to make this game work for us all. What it needs is a few small tweaks:

When you lose a level and click the "redo :(" button, try stopping 8-Bit Kirby and having Super Mario Land Mega Mix play on its own, just to stop it from sounding too messy. Would it also be good to consider the redo button allowing the players to attempt a level again, or instituting a lives system?

With the layout, you could have made it better - spend a little more time on the drawing side of things and you'll see that it will soon pay off, with a much better looking game. The same could be said for the fluidity of the movements. They look quite slow at the moment, just a little slow for conventional gravity, so speeding that up a little could help you.

[Review Request Club]

GShton responds:

Thanks for the suggestions

Could be better

-It seems to be a common occurance for promising flash games to end up letting me down one way or another. In this one the loader screen was pretty epic to say the least and the beginning was pretty well drawn to start us off on the story. But once the actual game started I was greeted with a poorly drawn triangle who would hop from line to line.

-It's your basic platformer game but the graphics are drubbed down to the point where almost no effort was applied. Several puzzles kept me interested for a little bit but it was buggy if you fell off of one of the lines and had to start over. Just some touch ups on graphics and overall gamplay and this would actually be a landmark game.

-Review Request Club

GShton responds:

I love my graphics :(

Quite buggy.

I don't really get it.

The animation in the beginning was awesome. I was seriously glad to see some really well-drawn clocks, and was sad when it all changed as the game started. The game levels were very poorly done, with the cropped out earth and flat, white stripes to walk on.

Audio was pretty fun, but it annoyed me that the gameplay music overlapped the menu music as you pressed the redo button.

Gameplay and story, I don't really get. I have to get to earth to kill someone for carrot, or? I don't get it. Anyway, the controls were really bad. When you jumped you suddenly popped up in the air and slowly flowed down. As you stood on moving platforms, you had to move along with them to keep from falling down. Some bugs that should be fixed. The redo button should either take you back to the beginning of the level, or you should have checkpoints. Or even a level select screen.

Review Request Club

GShton responds:

It was originally supposed to be a movie, and what was used in the beginning was all we had left over from the original project. We decided to convert it to a game. Thanks

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2009
12:28 AM EDT