Reviews for "Clambo"

an ok game

Art:Crappy.your player was a triangle,the platforms were white lines and the target was earth.Not much effort.
Animation:I will have to give you credit for the animation ran nicely smooth moving with the player.The platforms moved at a great speed.So that was pretty good.

Repetitive.But it was kinda catchy so you get a point for that.

-Game play-
Terrible.Just one of those games that you get from point A to point B.But im not going to lie I did like playing it.Something was just telling me to keep playing.Got to level 7 to bad.

The re do :( button should take you to the beginning of that level not the whole game.That is what pissed me off.I had an angerstorm.

Game play-2
Bonus point

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GShton responds:


quality game

i only got to level 8 but i liked it a lot. wen can i expect a x-box live version?

GShton responds:

we are waiting for the xbox to have graphics good enough to support such an intensive game

Fast fast fast

I like it when games waste no time. Here it's just go go go go and you're dead. Love the music too.

GShton responds:

:D <3

I'll say it again

Fucking brilliant game. hilarious shit.


The music, Isnt it off kirby?