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Particle based retro inspired fast action shooter. 100% Mouse controlled. Can you unlock the "RetroBreakout" mini game?

- arcade & survival mode.
- 20 levels.
- bonus game "RetroBreakout"
- final boss.

Move your player with the mouse. Your green pixel will autofire to the center of the screen.
Click the left mouse button to "lock in" your current firing direction.
Click the mouse button again to switch back to auto center fire.
This is vital to getting past higher levels!

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awesome. This is such a good blend of difficult but doable, like room temperature butter. Not tryinta get it everywhere, but spreading it with exact accuracy.

but, arrrgh, I wish it wouldn't it wouldn't screw up on the game over screen on the Newgrounds Player.

Woo, this is a pretty intense game! Love the graphics in it, explosive and flashy, and the techno music really brings it an edge. The controls are smooth and simple, and the game: it's addicting. Nice work!


INTUITIVE control scheme

People complaining about the aiming don't understand how easy it is to manipulate to shoot where you want. In one mode it aims directly at the center, making it easy to calibrate your weapon and shoot anything 1. chasing you and 2. in the center of the screen. This encourages the player to hug the edges of the screen where he would logically feel safe anyway. clicking toggles to strafe controls, allowing you to position your cursor quickly, click twice, and bam you're shooting in the direction you want. It's more intuitive than trying to move backwards to position your aimer in the direction you want then clicking again to hold, as it requires less movement and still encourages staying AWAY from enemies, rather than requiring space to run away from them!

So awesome!

This game is so freaking addicting! Simple, exciting, infinitely changing...the only things I don't really like are that the shooting system's a little hard to get used to and there's no power-ups. But still, it's so much fun to play! Don't update it, don't make a sequel, just let the game sit and bask in its epicness!

Nice and Hard. :3

Without that original aiming system, it would be another bad shooter. I like it the way it is, even if it is realy hard. Good challenge here: 4/5. 8/10.
Can be 9/10 or 10/10 with medals.

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2009
12:28 PM EDT