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This is a tutorial for pretty much anyone who isn't very quick-on-their-brain when it comes to safe internet browsing. The tutorial mainly addresses the Phishing Scam going around on Newgrounds. WritersBlock's (God I hope I spelt that right) was stolen, but he got it back, luckily. Don't be the next one to fall for it, use protection. <- Lulz at that last part.

Also, if you like this tutorial or mudkips, you can feel free to reccomend it to the tutorials, or whatever...



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Some good info!

~~~Good Points~~~
~ I liked the idea of this.
~ The information included in the flash was very good
~ It wasn't just a copy and paste, you put it into your own words which was good!
~ The layout was good in some places
~ I liked the fact you gave external links too

~~~Bad Points~~~
~ The music was very annoying
~ In some places it was just like a big block of text.
~ The text was a bit small and hard to read

~ Maybe have/include a mute button for the music?
~ Maybe use some paragraphs in some places next time where it is just a block of text? (I'm thinking mainly for "Measure 2: Check for spelling/grammar errors") Not only will it spread it out and fill the page, but it will be easier to read too!
~ I think you should make the text a font size bigger and maybe bold it next time? It was quick hard to see and when I read it, it was a strain on my eyes

~~~Other Comments~~~
~ I loved the idea of using this to protect NG and warn people. I liked this.
~ Because of some downfalls though, your score decreased, not by much though.
~ I think if you took the "Improvements" section into account though, this flash could be really good!

~ I'm voting 4 and giving you 7/10 stars

Keep trying!


Very helpful, lots of good information

It's actually pretty good, though the music is very, very annoying.

they never check spelling!

well now they do cuz you uploaded this! anyway informative and yes its true hes not lieing "phishing" is happening on here fortunetly im safe cuz im only lvl 3 =^P I mean who steals a lvl 3 account!? anyway you have clearly done your research nice infomertial knew most of the stuff xept spelling....who saw that coming for christsakes it says "tom fulp sez" on NGs homepage.....SEZ =^P anyway awesome guide


Common sense really, but it is amazing how many people fall for this kind of thing. I'm sure that there will be people who read this and subsequently avoid being phished.

Well done good sir!

Nice Job Sage!

I've never gotten a proper defenition of Phishing, and now I have.

You should really make more of these, because not only was it informative, it was clever and intelligent. The pictures, if nothing else, will keep me coming back to future submissions similar to this.

Keep up the great work!

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3.40 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2009
9:03 AM EDT
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