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GunDan Ep. 1

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Check out the Extras:

This is my first attempt at a Flash series. I call it GunDan. I've had the idea for this for about 6 months. I've been working on this episode for about 4-5 months. It would have been done much faster, but homework was very evil this year! I plan on releasing GunDan Ep. 1 Extras soon with some other extras that didn't fit in this file. Keep an eye out for that! I have no idea how many episodes I'm going to make, or if I'm even going to continue the series. That's kinda up to you guys! Enjoy this episode! By the way, there are 3 easter eggs! The runtime is about 6 minutes (without credits), and all the extras add another 2 minutes if you decide to watch those.

Hey! I made it on the top 10 list. Thanks everyone!

I just noticed an incorrect credit, so I updated the whole Flash. Along with the fixed credit, I've standardized the laser color, and amplified Emily's kidnap line. Enjoy it!

Another glitch fixing update. The voice I added last time was cut off, so I fixed that. I removed 3 other tiny glitches I found in the video as well.

Hopefully the final update. I added links to GunDan Ep. 1 Extras, fixed up some credits, possibly fixed the Flash Ads, and moved the quality buttons a bit.

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needs a lot of work

his power is kinda stupid.

Aqlex responds:

Yup, that bit needs some work, though I think improved writing can sell it a lot better!

You love cheese dicks?

Not a bad flash, dude. Not bad at all. Animation could use some work but overall it was good. Keep it up!

Aqlex responds:

Ah, the South Park references... keep 'em comin'! That's probably one of my biggest influences so a reference will always bring a smile to my face. There is one right now, you just can't see it. I swear I'm not frowning right now.


It's Pretty good for a first flash series. Although, I'm not that impressed. I think you best one was "Funny School Things". I understand that you were trying to make this more dramatic but, I think you did a better job with "Funny School Things".

If I were the creator of this animation, I would put this video into an editor and correct the colors for dramatic look. well, thats all.

Aqlex responds:

Hmm, dramatic colors are no so much my concern, though some better editing overall could definitely help. And Funny School Things you wanted, so Funny School Things I made! There have been a couple more released since you wrote this comment. I hope you've been well, man!


Good idea, great music, decent animation. I like it. It is pretty original. You definitely have room for improvement, but definitely have a solid base. Keep working on it.
10/10, 5/5

Aqlex responds:

Thank you dude! Work on it I shall!

Good start, it was amazing! Keep going

Aiight Alex. So i'ma say this as your friend. IT WAS GREAT. Sure a few touches here and there. Like the beginning, yse it was a bit long. The earth part too should be shortened. But I feel like it will be good. Im sure you have a plot all set up in your mind. I never knew you were so good at flash. I know this will get big, and i'll keep having my friends vote from CMS / WRWR. :D good job! keep it goin! you'll be great soon!

Aqlex responds:

And I was JUST getting the hang of Flash at that point. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! It's been quite a long time since you wrote that review, and unfortunately this was as far as I really got with this series, but NOT with my animating! That's been steadily improving ever since =)

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2009
1:49 PM EDT