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Asaroki 11- Departure

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IMPORTANT!- This is a series! Please watch the previous episodes first if you can!
Otherwise... this won't really make much sense.

----Episode 1- The Outsider----
----Episode 2- Encounter-------
----Episode 3- Awakening-----
----Episode 4- Closer-----------
----Episode 5- Diagnosis-------
----Episode 6- The Voice------
----Episode 7- Secret-----------
----Episode 8- The Puppet----
----Episode 9- The Beginning--
----Episode 10- Taken------------

Here it is folks, the final episode of Asaroki! Thank you all for your support and positive feedback throughout the slow release of this series. After finally getting the whole series on here I'll finally start posting some more recent work. Thanks again everybody, please enjoy the final episode of Asaroki: Departure.

<3 ArtistGamerGal

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It's got clunky voice animation, the plot line is as cliche as can be past the midway point. Because the animator didn't know how to do fights, they're super strange. Hands and feet are strange too.

It's not as iconic in the realm of Flash as "Fallen Angel" for its time, and animations like Paladin are also a completed series. With the passage of time, this pales in comparison to later Flash animations.The Gothic aesthetic isn't as pronounced as in Lilium, and the voice acting for Lord Dark is hammier than a Christmas morning.

But I still have a soft spot for this. It has fun symbolism spread throughout, and the opening part of the story is incredibly interesting. The romance gets a bit tacked on by the end, but I still really felt that for the most part it was cute. I never say Lilium as a kid, mainly because I was super scared, this ended up taking it's place. This probably was a huge influence on me as I grew up, and I really appreciate the fact that you've made this.There's no real point in criticizing something when you've proven how much better you've become, so this is just a heartfelt thanks for making Asaroki.

PS: Your website is down, or at least the original. Do you have the comic uploaded somewhere else?

That wa Awesome!!!!!!

so sad but so cute im crying my eyes out


...Crab-apples. (Dang it, gotta pop my knees...)
Best dramatic series I've ever seen!

Do have some cons:
The animation is a little iffy/iffy. It isn't FANTASTIC, but it CERTAINLY isn't bad.
The storyline is VERY GOOD, but make tiny details moar interesting in future serieseseses...ses...

And everything else is really good!

What of the little girl? what happened to her in the end? If they put her back in the Mental Pockey, I WILL SUE! (jk. :D)

Was this REALLY a solo animation? (Discluding voices, :P) This is really good for an animation...

Lol, Keta is in store... "Damn, now which type did she say?"
Katy is on teh street, with mangled, torn, and brutally murdered bodies...
Happiness! Eheh! Eheh! Hu...

Anyway, 5/5 but 8/10, because the animation was a LITTLE BIT, not a lot A LITTLE BIT, Cheap. :3


BEST SERIES EVER!!!!!! i watched this from the start to the finish and it was completely..................AWESOME!!
!! the worst thing about it was the voices sounded a little fuzzy (might just be my computer), awesome graphics but it looked just a tad strange when u were facing them at the front and they walked towards u.......just a tad but that got put aside instantly when i watched the bits in between............. outstanding art at the loading screen and in the episodes too :3.........the worst thing and at the same time the best thing was i could never get the name of this series when i searched it on the flash portal because i kept on forgeting it........some of my searches were 'asaraki, asokiaraki, asoraoki and asoraki just to name a few.............over all one of the best series ive ever watched (i watched tons before i subscribed to NG btw)...........and one of the most mysterious....... if i could id give this series 22 out of 10 and 16 out of 5 but this site doesnt let me do that :3............keep doing what u do best.....being a great artist......... XP

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4.63 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2009
5:09 PM EDT