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The Barfight

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This is a short flash that really has no story, its just fun to watch and maybe you will understand some jokes I have made. I am still testing my skills and hopefully this short will satisfy a little more than my last. Anyone who have played dead space? If so think about how hard Isaac must stamp to rip legs and arms off, and how hard his feet must be, then you'll get the joke. Anyway rate and vote fair and enjoy the flash with no story. Dont mind all the cursing, its just jokes...

***EDIT*** June 18

Thanks for all the positive reviews and score guys! If anyone can help me with making an Icon and recommending this for some collections I will be ever grateful!

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sorry to say i could only give this a 4. I can see what you are going for, try to work on the animation and the texturisation of the scene a little :), if it helps try some of the tutorials here on the NG portal :)

DaReaperZ responds:

Thanks, I will try the tutorials also. By texturisation I guess you mean more details, right? I am not very good at fighting scenes so I will go for weapons next time :D


need to improve the voices

DaReaperZ responds:

Well the only thing I have to say to you is that you should atleast give it some stars for the other animation and humor. (This is not a damn clip that is all about the voices). So if you can give it stars for the things you thought were good instead of just picking on something small so that you can get another review on you account it would be good. The voices are made with Speakonia as I said so I cant get them any better, as I thought everyone would understand... If you now need to give a 0 atleast give some criticism like HOW I can improve the voices. One more thing, there are subtitles so that people who are deaf or thinks that the voices are not clear enough, may understand.

Not too shabby

You did really well on this and you should be proud,
But THere's still a lot you have left to master.
Like getting the latest version of Flash

DaReaperZ responds:

Thanks, yeah, latest version of flash is hard to get :P

Had some potential...

There were some little gems of good animation in this. Some nicely drawn details, over some not-so nicely-drawn details. Such as the background of the bar.

I can see that you have the potential to draw well, and I hope to see you develop that.

I know I'm going to say something completely obvious about this, but please never use voice generators. They really degrade animations. It is so much more beneficial to record your own voices.

With a bit of brushing up in these areas, this would be pretty good.

DaReaperZ responds:

Thanks for all the criticism! The background of the bar was better once but alas... my comp sucks so flash stopped responding and all my work was lost. I used voice generators since I have only got one voice actor and that is myself, also some people would probably complain about me pronouncing something wrong or having a accent. My microphone isn't the best either :P. Thanks for the constructive criticism and the rating!


graphics horible the fight was like 10 sec

DaReaperZ responds:

It's nice that you liked it...

That's helpful..