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By The Moonlight

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!!!!*****~~~~READ THIS FIRST~~~~*****!!!!

In the forbidden forest of Nasties there lies a jewel most sacred. The Moonlight Stone. A stone that can blanket in world in darkness. Illuminating only with the moon.

At the age of 9, two selfish brothers were told a legend about this sacred stone, whist their father was dying. His last words were: "The Moonlight. Its so peaceful, so beautiful. I wish I could see such a serene sight one more time. I wish I could die by the moonlight." After their fathers death the brothers left each other in silence, leaving for different parts of the land. Both to be trained for the same cause. To get the Moonlight Stone, and to make it forever dark. For their father.

10 Years later. On the day of their fathers death, they both arrived at the Forbidden Forest. Not seeing each other for a decade, they had forgotten each other, and in their eyes, only seeing the other as a obstacle between them and the Moonlight Stone. Only seeing each other as an enemy...nothing more.

The Moonlight is no longer the serene place their father once said it was. Now The Moonlight is only the spotlight on this dark battlefield.



This was a remake of my first attempt at creating a flash.

I had this idea 3 years ago, and tried to create it. Sadly, it was a bad (hugely anime induced) piece of crap. I didn't know exactly how to use flash at all back then, so I eventually gave up.

Back in March, I had to start making a "Final Project" for my grade 11 Animation class. I thought about what to do, and I thought It would be fun to "remake" my old animation just to see how far I've come. :)

I completely rewrote the story (thats a lie, I never wrote a story for it way back when :P) and 3 months later...Tada. :D

Also, this was a huge learning experience for me, as before I started this, I couldn't animate characters AT ALL. :)

So enjoy, Comments and critiques greatly appreciated.

-Dylan Meville

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I thought it had good animation and the background and characters were very origanail ... well the characters it seemed you just made a sasuke with diffrent well the clothes wernt that diffrent either but i dont really care it was a good flash

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4.21 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2009
7:02 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place June 14, 2009