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Ultra Sheriff - Nemesis

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Hello everyone. It´s been a while since I submitted anything here, so I thought I´d kick it up a notch by doing some after effects compositing and such.. Quite a big file, but I think it´s worth the wait, so make yourselves a cup of tea while you wait for the film to load:) If you enjoy the music and general theme, be sure to check out the rest of our stuff - this is actually made to be part of our live performance, along with other visuals, so if you like what you see and hear, check out our myspace by clicking the audio link!

EDIT - Frontpage!! I am very happy and very thankful! And I do love getting reviews, as I read them all carefully and use them as pointers to what I can improve - without feedback I would never get anywhere! Thank you all for many kind words, glad so many have taken the time to watch it, considering the large filesize!

Wow, cant believe the score! and weekly 1st, this is brilliant! I have uploaded a new and final version, there shouldnt be any more problems with the audio sync now, and there are small changes to some scenes and the credits.
Thanks again newgrounds, the amount of feedback and support is overwhelming!

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This is very good! I wish it could be longer... But its cool,and has a good story! 5/5

Well balanced stuff above.Surprisingly entertaining to watch that dark animation with some little portion of galactic fighting.I slightly like it more than i even should..that seems much bigger enjoyable than i expected it to be...

Great job :D


to bad the soundtrack is so trash/shit


Great animation, great sound, great everything, Sir you have just won my personal Emmy Award for best video/ short film ever!


-This was amazing, it's awesome to see such a great quality of traditional animation on newgrounds. The limited colour schemes and controlled use of effects made the fluid motion so fun to watch.

-I can't get over how well planned out your shots were. Some shots, while seeming like there wasn't actually much happening in the shot (purely from an animators perspective), felt very emmersive.

-I think that more explanation of a story, and less of the music video look and feel would really help to make it more epic, as story elements could gradually build to a climax.