Reviews for "Ultra Sheriff - Nemesis"


this is a good expamle of an animation with fluid movements. anyone with the courage to say its bad should be cleaning the fri cookers at mcdonalds with a toothbush, nice job man

Very impressive! :D

Wow, this is one of the greatest Flash's I've seen in a while.
I was amazed by almost everything about this movie haha.

From the enemy's, to the space-ships, Music, The awesome animations, and even the sound effects!
Great/Outstanding job, I'm pretty sure this was hard work.
Hope to see more flashes like this.
:) :) :)


Nice. Nemesis seems like weak sauce compared to Ultra Sheriff.

love sheriff movies

don't know what to right so HA HA HA :{

freakin awsome!!!

dude you did an awsome job on the animation and the music the storyline is good and how did the all those action seens on there i cannot explain my emotion but best thing i have seen ever