Pivot the game(not real)

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this is a pivot i made i decided to be like ozzy and the other popular pivoters and added blood and blur effects the dancing yeti was from maplestory he is just so cute to me. i used bannedstory 3.0 to make dancing yeti im so bored and lonley. this Animation was made a year agi u care about you fags saying it sucks or becaUSE ITS BECAUSE IT PIVOT you all should really shut the fuck up cause you guys are all noobs and crowd aroubd egoraptor and timp fulp and crap and worshippiing there movies and you praise like a 3 sec peaice of crap. 2nd there are billlions of crappy animations on newgrounds but why go for mine??? oh if guuys are gonna diss me use some good criticism otherwise newgrounds takes it as abusive writing and also saying it sucks with no good reason makes you look like the dumbassTHIS WAS MADE A YEAR AGO THIS ISNT A RECENT PIVOT SO FUCK OFF


needs alot of work

its ok, its colorful and u have lots of potential, but it simply isnt smooth, and does not have enough frames, if you had taken the time to do so, it would have been very good

Just stop..

Honestly, this is terrible. I suggest you look into pivot tutorials (Google is your friend, seriously.) I hated this and I am putting my vote in for blamming it. It was poorly animated, had random effects made in flash (Which doesn't make it good.) and was just plain out blam-worthy. You can attempt to try again, do feel free to do so, but it just seemed overall unworthy of viewing. Brush up on your skills, don't beg for compliments, and look up tutorials and maybe even ask someone to give you some tips.


Your videos aren't really that good, I mean you have potential and all. You should stop submitting for a while and become better with flash and stuff if you like stick men aim your flashes towards that and build on it, don't just submit this mediocre stuff. Trying not to be so harsh here.

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Hirachi responds:

true i didnt recently make this pivot i made it like a year ago and put the video on youtube and im way better know u just dont feelike posting new pivot. pivot isnt ball complicated like flash it is hard too there is a pivot community and we all have diffuculty lvls

not too great

music's not too bad

animation'd not that smooth
no sound
not really for newgrounds

pivot isn't really for newgrounds. it is at least colorful and has music, but it's short and fast. it's actually so fast, i couldn't really get into it. also, why did you say it was a game? i know it says not really but why at all?

Hirachi responds:

it wasnt a game it was a pivot animation that looked like a game

postive advise

look you have a lot of potential from what ive seen
i think u should use flash for animating the stick men
ps have a look at Black vrs white animation oh and the ghost battle thing
maybe check out stickpage anywho nice

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May 26, 2009
9:40 PM EDT
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