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Explode Harder

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Just when you thought the Explosion Force 5 couldn't explode any harder, they EXPLODE HARDER.

SRM as Brick Benchpress
Cousin Mel as Granite Stone
Jethro Jebediah as the Commissioner
Jebediah as thug #1
Greg the Llama as Llama the Greg

Featuring a soundtrack by Gorgorothx and Lukania of the Newgrounds Audio Portal

In this Summer's biggest blockbuster:


PS: You might have to set it to low quality. There's a shot that makes my computer lag like hell, and I'm sure it'll do the same to yours.

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Hey Campbell

Campbell can u please tell your friend superlineman to make a full version of his old game Megaman Scene creator demo its been 6 YEARS SINCE HE MADE IT!

Oh, the parodies

Ah, to see that you called it "Explosion Force 5 2: Explode Harder" means that you've taken that part from Die Hard, possibly added some detail from bits and pieces such as Grand Theft Auto, not to mention Explosion force, which doesn't even make sense :P

The idea that you've made a cast list and have thrown in some great bits and pieces, to make it sound and look like a proper film trailer shows that you're still thinking and the writing skills are well exhibited here.

The use of the audio from Newgrounds itself is a testament to the fact that you can find the pieces of work that you are looking for and the fact that they are available, if you're willing to look hard enough. I love that it also adds a new layer of depth to the piece.

[Review Request Club]

Battosai810 responds:

"____ Harder" is my favorite way to subtitle a film. It's just so ridiculous sounding, and it's such an easy cliche. I also threw in that "in through the eye, out through the gun" kind of shot from Ultraviolet, which is a hilariously bad movie.

I like using the same identifiable cast, as you know. I'm even using Greg the Llama in my new SRM cartoon about Guitar Hero type games. Thanks for the props on writing.

I like using audio from Newgrounds, since it's royalty free and noncommercial. It also means I don't end up using music that absolutely everybody else uses. Glad you liked the toon, and know my work well enough to remember it's origins!



Battosai810 responds:

Babies are deadly


hey campbell i laugh everytime i see this

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you like it.

I'm with stupid...

The guy below me is right, like Dangeresque, and they did it better, but you did not have as much animations under your belt, so pretty good for the first time around! Also, It isn't an award winning (acting) video game franchise for WiiWare and PC.

Battosai810 responds:

Well, I used to draw in a lot of influence from Homestar Runner. I still follow quite a bit, as I try to generally keep my humor clean. I even imitated a lot of their art style with the thick colored outlines (although I was doing underbites long before I saw Homestar)

To be fair I'm not anywhere NEAR as successful as The Brothers Chaps or anything, but I think I've done fairly well for myself. Thanks for watching!