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Robot Run Loop

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Hello there, you crazy guy with the face.

Okay, so you may or may not have noticed that I've been making a lot of animated loops and putting them at the bottom of my newsposts and not so much with the movies for the past few months. Well, I've been trying to improve my skills and create little things which are great rather than longer movies which aren't so great. I've also been learning and setting up a studio for screenprinting, which has been taking up a good chunk of my time too.

About a month ago I sketched out a loop of a robot running, and then worked up one of the keyframes as a two colour screenprint, which turned out pretty cool. I really liked the two colour design so went back into the animation and applied that style to the loop, which is what this baby is. I worked it up with a layer for each of the two colours in the design then used multiply to blend them into each other to create the third colour. Then I tweened them to move in and out of alignment.

I'm thinking of using this technique for a series of designs, I'll create various runs of silk screen prints and have an animated loop to accompany each of them. I'm hoping to book a space to have an exhibition of large scale prints with projected loops running next to them some time next year.

It might run slow on some people's computers, I think the layer blend and the 30fps speed will eat away at the old graphics card, but I hope you like it.

Let me know what you think.

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Feels Good Man

It may have just have been a loop, but it was too awesome for it to even matter.
You should go back in time and make this into a classic novel.

TheBoogley responds:

a novel that is 200 pages of the same sentence repeated... I LOVE IT :D


Well for a second i actually seen a 3D running robot. With a cheep pair of red and blue 3D glasses i had, it was interesting so see it actually work.

TheBoogley responds:

really? I hadn't tried the glasses, GREAT NEWS :D


Wait... Whats the robot running from? D: Is it a giant dino-ducky?

TheBoogley responds:

Jeez, I hope not {:0

MUST....MUST >:L OH MY GOD!!! -brain micorgasms-

Ello there person ol'personing person. Is there any way I can....-gasms continues-...is there anyway...lawdy lawd DX!!!!! Is there any way.....ugh no my.....!!!AHAHAAHHA!!
Can I just get.....wtf no don't touch me no! >_< ME TOO YOUNG! Just tell me if I can.....cream....-twitches- dream...scene.....background....put.

Ps. Is there any way I can get it for my dream scene?
Pss. -Bows- Oh lawd Boogley, may this sacrifice calm your enternal wrath! -Puts a half eaten bunny onto the alter- SPARE US! AND FEED OUR CROPS!....WITH YOUR DIVINE!.....toe nail clippings.
Psss. IF you ever need ideas. Please let me know >_> somehow.
Pssss. Btw the smoothness make me....-leaves and returns with new pants- yeah. Keep up the good work, May I suggest you do a bunny death humping ballons?

TheBoogley responds:

what? why?


Great animation. The two-color thing reminds me of watching a 3d movie without 3d glasses.

TheBoogley responds:

Good old Noxx, you remind me of a two colour thing wearing glasses... whatever that means :3

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4.53 / 5.00

May 11, 2009
5:05 AM EDT