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Da Pink Knight

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TKO 10 Points

Dizzy the boss before first armor break.

JuiceyKisses 25 Points

Use magic as the final blow on the boss.

OneBigClusterFart 25 Points

Hit 3 or more minions with jump magic.

YouWin 25 Points

You Win.

CuttinOutSweets 50 Points

Beat the game without getting a dizzy.

DreidelPower 50 Points

Consecutively hit boss with your ground spin attack 6 times.

MaryPoppinz 50 Points

Consecutively hit boss with your air spin attack 6 times.

PlaywithMyBalls 50 Points

Deflect 3 cannonballs from boss's CannonSpamAttack.

Tilt 100 Points

Beat the game with a certain score..

TimeAttack 100 Points

Beat the game within 5 minutes or less.

Author Comments

**************WARNING COMPUTER INTENSIVE *************************
The Boss is made with many layered symbols,and game lags on slower computers.

"MiniGame" Frosted and I whipped up for PicoDay.

Some Tips:
*DONT fight in the corners, he will bounce you off the wall for combos (this is intentional)
*If you jump at him and miss your air combo, the boss will hop away, he isn't stupid!
* you can't button mash your spin combos, they have to be timed.
* You can still move after getting hit with an attack!! Move out of the wayy!!
thats all for now.
* IF YOU ARE DIZZY, TAP ANY BUTTON REALLY FAST to recover, and shorten the time, the robot repairs


P.S. Download "Joy2Key" to play flash games with your controller.

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I don’t really get the hate for this game

MindChamber responds:

it's just a single boss battle with a few different modes that's hard right at the beginning., It could've benefited from some easier minion levels first and maybe 2 more boss modes.. but you learn for next time!


This game is somewhat macho because the pink knight gets everything that supposedly only women do, like cooking and putting on makeup. but I recognize that the game is good and that's why I had fun :)

i just don´t know how to damage the boss, please help :( (thanks for the help :D)

MindChamber responds:

the robot regenerates health, but the pilot inside doesn't.. don't jump at the boss when he's not attacking, if you do, block