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Reviews for "Da Pink Knight"

Correction to the JuiceyKisses medal, it's not use magic to finish the boss, it's to use the kiss magic to finish the boss, the magic jump doesn't work.

You know this could be a very fun game if the controls weren't so stiff , because the robot attacks happen very quickly and I keep losing my armor because I can't run or my shield fails to protect me.

the game is okay but you won't do any damage it took me an hour just to put a dent in it

you know, who was piloting that robot?

MindChamber responds:

sum green guy

Overall, I thought the fight was challenging and fun, but I just couldn't get behind the controls. Personally, I felt that using [A] for attack, [S] for shield, and [D] to jump was kinda backwards. I even tried crossing my arms, so that 'attack' would be on the index finger, but it didn't help.

If I may suggest, allowing for a custom control set up; maybe something like this:
[A]=shield, [S]=jump, [D]=attack; or even, [A]=jump, [S]=attack, [D]=shield.

It may seem like a small gripe, but having a proper UI really is the most important part of any videogame. I'm not trying to pick on you guys, I just don't want to see another cool game ruined by terrible controls.

MindChamber responds:

yah, I guess playing it for so long you get over it quickly but I agree, that set up is more natural to fighting games. At the very least jump and attack should be together. thanks for the review