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A Bad Taste of Pico

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Big Wet Juicy Kiss 25 Points

Rescue NeNe.

Polygonal Victory 25 Points

Beat the game!

Twice the Fun 25 Points

Rescue Darnell.

Dude, it's my Turn 50 Points


Meat is Murder 50 Points


Vulgar Display of Power 50 Points


Author Comments

People usually make movies to celebrate Pico day, but Pico was originally a video game character! So there you have it, folks, our tribute to the most successful video game franchise of all time!

Tips :
Shoot enemies in the head to kill them faster
You gotta explore to get all the medals


Note : Sticky controls bugs are caused by Internet explorer

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I just found this game and finished it within 1h, dunno how so many people encountered bugs, since I didn't find any.

And because of the fact that this game is 10 years old, I guess it is time for a medal walkthrough, for all those finding it like me and struggling to get them.
If you want to find them yourself, I advise you to not read further, I won't force you to read it anyway. So here it comes.


How to get the medals:

1. Big wet juicy kiss - find NeNe in level 5 (the one where you go down a long elevator and see a chicken on a toilet). Before exiting through the levels exit door, walk back to the edge, fall down to the hidden area below and shoot the first crate you come across. NeNe is inside.

2. self-explainatory. Just win the game.

3. Twice the fun - find Darnell in level 8 (the second railroad-level). At the beginning jump over the gap that you're supposed to fall into, walk right and shoot the box in the corner. Darnell is inside.

4. Dude it's my turn - in the first level (with killable NPCs) walk right instead of left and press E in front of all 3 gaming consoles.

5. Meat is murder - beat the game without killing a single enemy, the medal pops up before the boss. The corpses on the railroads don't count as kills, so it's ok to drive over them.
In order to do this hardest of all medals, play through the game jumping over all enemies. You can walk past the big chickens with hammers. With the shotgun chickens, wait until they scream before jumping over their shot and walking past them. If you walk straight through, they will hit you once you pass them instead.

6. Vulgar display of power - kill all the NPCs in the first level

That's it so far, have fun and don't whine about any bugs anymore. There are pretty much none. If there are, it's your PCs fault. And after 10 years nobody would bother fixing this, so save the time for something different :P

my first medal was vulgar display of power omg

Finally beat it.
It was highly frustrating.

amazing game-IGN

Been years since I played this. I think it still holds up. Still can't figure out how to rescue NeNe.