Reviews for "A Bad Taste of Pico"

"If you like it so much, then don't you have some?

nice game! kinda easy but a sure way to kill boredom.
I like the karting thing and the melee chicken with knives. kinda reminds me of the ghost doctor of a horror movie.

SEQUEL PLEASE! next time the cows will shed blood...errr...milk

Joelasticot responds:

Thanks dude. Sequel is pretty unlikely, but if you liked this, you'll love our next games!

WOW. really good

I think the animation is brilliant but the game is quite hard. keep upthe good work!

it was good

i liked the graphics and the enemies and the cart was hard but good

I enjoyed it

I liked the enemy designs, especially the little pyramid head "Yes I know it's a mask but every time I saw it I thought of him lol" knife guy. The only part I had a bit of trouble with was the mine cart parts, sometimes it would lag or my aim would be slightly off and it wouldn't shoot due to the cart being in the way, which makes sense so it's not really much of a complaint. Awesome game overall and thank you for your efforts.


if u need to find nene message me ok

to get meat is murder medal dont kill any chickens except the boss and the ones on the tracks