Reviews for "A Bad Taste of Pico"

Bug number 1: In the third level when going to the bottom from the top, you get moved aside to the screen falling down out of screen and can't to do anything besides restart from the selection or do over from the beginning, number 2, in the same scene, the meat pounder the third one make you suddenly get send you off into the burning oil, without you seen yourself until then.

Good game, but it is a little too easy. Even the achievements were easy.

those chicken kill there own kind? then those are sick chicken

Can't get enough of Pico games, and shooters especially. Loved this one. The controls and animations are all supersmooth, it's easy to shoot, the sceneries are all varied and carnage-inviting... and the music is classic arcade-style. Much enjoyed.


everything was great for me though the boss fight and ending was a little anti-climactic