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Stickya on Keyboard

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Author Comments

Once I got my tablet from Tom, I sat thinking of what to practice animating with, my friend Eggy who made Stickya Adventurya with me was sending me random voice clips over MSN, one happened to have the words "Stickya" in them, so I decided to go ahead and animate to it.
I forgot to submit this here, but this is the basic result.

Animation and artwork by me.
Music by Eggy and Beck.

Try and find the easter egg(s).

Ads hopefully now work, thanks Tom for that. <3

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easter eggs

if anyone is wondering where the eggs are the 1st is found when you click the chocolate guy after the movie and the 2nd one by clicking the guy's head after the 1st easter egg video. hope this helps!


Damn, there's so much entertainment in this. I mean, there's Stickya, being an idiot, all awesome n' stuff, and then, poof. It's then the end. :(



It's odd how the most generic character in the world can be so likeable!
Maybe it's his name!
Lovin the Stickya.

If he ever does have an episode, I could voice a character ;)

Lochie responds:

I shall name my child Stickya, raise him to be the most annoyest thing in the universe.

He shall become famous.

It's like somethings controlling me!

I don't even know why I like it! It's compelling me to give it a RATING! And not just a rating, a GOOD one, too! That was probably the most entertaining thing I've seen today. Maybe it was the random fist shaking or the unbearable tune or the shiny bald head, but this was AWESOME.

Lochie responds:

It's the awesomeness, it always is.

short but cool

i like this. I dont know if it was because of the animation or just its randomness but overall i liked it and ways to improv, just make it longer you know but sweet job keep it up.

Lochie responds:

I was considering making it into an episode, but I never got the motivation.

Credits & Info

4.01 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2009
1:41 AM EDT

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