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Reviews for "Stickya on Keyboard"


I have absolutely no idea why, but i like it.

Lochie responds:

Stickya, he entertains everyone.

This is a good one.

This one is good and short, keep up the good work.

Lochie responds:

Thanks mate.

Good Job!

I eally liked the unique style of this animation...it left me wanting more. Just wish it were longer. Keep up the good work.

Lochie responds:

I am thinking of making an episode.

this is your best effort to date!! Keep it up.

You are at the top of my favorites and I will keep checking back every day for more submissions. God I hope you do not have a life that will prevent you from submitting boatloads of flash animations.

Lochie responds:

I have a life. D:


I love it!

You should get off your lazy butt and start making some more flash fool. :p
Im glad to see you be productive again. (kinda) :p

Lochie responds:

Maybe I should, I really need to get my productive spark going again.