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Reviews for "Stickya on Keyboard"

Dent unt van houzerhechz!

Esh couzre noi frashck.

Lochie responds:



I love it!

You should get off your lazy butt and start making some more flash fool. :p
Im glad to see you be productive again. (kinda) :p

Lochie responds:

Maybe I should, I really need to get my productive spark going again.

this is your best effort to date!! Keep it up.

You are at the top of my favorites and I will keep checking back every day for more submissions. God I hope you do not have a life that will prevent you from submitting boatloads of flash animations.

Lochie responds:

I have a life. D:


Damn, there's so much entertainment in this. I mean, there's Stickya, being an idiot, all awesome n' stuff, and then, poof. It's then the end. :(


easter eggs

if anyone is wondering where the eggs are the 1st is found when you click the chocolate guy after the movie and the 2nd one by clicking the guy's head after the 1st easter egg video. hope this helps!