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"Strange Fruit"

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Author Comments

I hoped not to have to include this, but some poeple seem to think this is about a certain ethnic group. The song originally was, but this movie isn't. This movie is about everyone who has been hurt due to racism no matter colour or creed.

In the week of the UN Anti-Racism conference, I bring you my very first flash movie. Dedicated to all victims of racism, Past, Present and Future.
This is a movie set to the song Strange Fruit, as performed by Nina Simone. Strange fruit, originally a poem, was written by Abel Meeropol in 1936, and made famous by Billie Holiday. It was called Song of the Century by Time (magazine) of december 1999.
Strange Fruit (the song) condemned racism, specifically the lynching of African Americans.

The version of the song used in this movie was released by Nina Simone on her 1965 album Pastel Blues

I wasn't expecting that guys. thanks. I mean, it has only been up for about 5 hours!

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fuckin n man amazing

this was just amazing great animation and the song was perfect.


a suggestion would be to make the 2nd line that is unsung, pop up when hestarts to sing it... not trying to harsh your mellow

So brilliant, and so sad.

I have been on the receiving end of racism, because I do not have a clear race, ((part white, part asian, Hispanic last name..)) I prefer not to think of different races, but one human race as a whole.

This is one of those rare animations that should be preserved for future generations. My hat is off to you.


For this flash, I thank you. Also, having found this in February (Black History Month), it made the flash a bit more special when I watched it.


Hope you don't mind too much, but I'm gonna be passing this link a long to a few people ;)

J-qb responds:

I dont mind at all.

Great Job

Fantastic animation. I'm glad that you made this. Too many people are far to lax about racism and I'm glad to see that there are people with some love fro the victims of it. Thank you.

J-qb responds:

Thanks, Its really thrilling to see that your work still touches poeple nearly 2 years later. I guess racism is, sadly, a timeless problem.