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Poor little Sweeper has to descend to the bottom of the Pit of the Tyrant, and defeat the terrible demon! He's not as strong or fast as all the other heroes who tried, but he has one advantage -

- the ability to "sweep", or detect monsters and treasures before he comes across them.

PitSweeper combines the games of Nethack and Minesweeper together into an adventure/puzzle hybrid.

Either play the game as a typical adventure, bashing monsters and accumulating weapons and loot - or instead, stealthily extract the treasures and head for the exit, leaving the monsters undisturbed and collecting bonus XP for good sweeping.



Use the mouse to control Sweeper.

Click on a tile to reveal what's underneath or nearby. Read the numbers carefully, and consider their color - red means only monsters are around this square; green means only walls and treasures are around; yellow means a mix of both good and bad.

To move, click on either empty space or treasure.

To pick something up, click on it when next to it.

To attack, click on a monster when near or far to either swing at it or shoot it.

When you reveal the exit, walk up to it and click on it to head for the next level.

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I really liked the concept. Who would have thought that combining minesweeper with a dungeon exploration game would produce something so amazing!

I love this game,i just wish it wasn't so luck based

Love it, but...

I loved it, but...SERIOUSLY? No saving. I just died on level 5 and realized that. You have to start all over. If you could add saving, I would love that, but you still get a
10/10 and 5/5 + a favorite.

A great mix of nethack and minesweeper

Such an odd combination but it worked out really well. And it was a good idea to simplify the interface.

Great work!

A unique RPG

Very interesting combination. And I would also love to see a sequel.

I wonder if similar nethack levels could be created..

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4.13 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2009
7:53 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other