Reviews for "PitSweeper"

great game!

Loved it you should make more, continue this game type and you will get an excellent flash


i agree with the previous speaker, you should continue with this game!. you know ADOM? think so. make it more adventure like and more RPG like. this game s got FUTURE! its a awesome concept!

Love it, but...

I loved it, but...SERIOUSLY? No saving. I just died on level 5 and realized that. You have to start all over. If you could add saving, I would love that, but you still get a
10/10 and 5/5 + a favorite.

I really liked the concept. Who would have thought that combining minesweeper with a dungeon exploration game would produce something so amazing!

A great mix of nethack and minesweeper

Such an odd combination but it worked out really well. And it was a good idea to simplify the interface.

Great work!