Reviews for "PitSweeper"


Hard if you treat it as an RPG - that is, kill everything that can be killed.

Easy if you play cautiously - only uncover what you absolutely need to. You get the same amount of EXP for enemies you leave uncovered as if you had fought them.

Also, don't waste your ammo. There's only one enemy in the game that you absolutely have to fight, save your good items for him on level 10.

Just a bit too hard.

I really liked the concept, and the gameplay was addictive, but the difficulty was too close to an actual roguelike for my taste.

Very well done!

If you're up for it, i'm personally ready for a bigger, badder sequel.


i agree with the previous speaker, you should continue with this game!. you know ADOM? think so. make it more adventure like and more RPG like. this game s got FUTURE! its a awesome concept!

great game!

Loved it you should make more, continue this game type and you will get an excellent flash