Thrasher - Part 1

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--EDIT-- I fixed the blood effect, the rain effect and other various problems the flash had before. Enjoy!

OK, so this is a flash project I've been working on for the past week, and I just finished it today.

It's the story of "Thrasher", a man who has redeemed himself to become the slayer of those responsible of his family's death.

Very cliche, I know...but bare with me.

And this is my first movie that has been successfully completed, and I would appreciate it if you would vote fair, and give some good criticism, so that I can learn about what I did wrong, and what I can do better with the next part of the series.

Thanks a lot,

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Really awesome. dont listen to what other people say.... there just jealous cause they aint as good as u. there the mediocre punks.... lol did a nice job for being ur first flash vid


The rain animation was very cool but the rest was horrible .You should work on stickman animation . Practice a lot so your next animation will be much better :)

Not that great

Quite a few things need to be improved on, one of which is that a few things, like the rain (I think another reviewer pointed out) wasnt very smooth, so that could be a thing to work on (obviously not the rain but the smoothness of the animation). Another would be to make it longer, because it didnt really explain much about the story, apart from the speaking at the part. I also got confused on who was who. Finally, improving the graphics when somebody gets shot should be another main priority if the animation is going to have alot of violence, as poor blood graphics will make this lose a chance of getting a good score.

Hopefully by the time the second is out, these improvements would of been accomplished. Keep at it. 3/10.


I look forward of seeing more....

Keep up the good work!

Rocker-Reaper responds:



If you're gonna do stick men......you may have to step your game up a notch. There's some pretty far past decent guys who also use stick figure animation here.

Rocker-Reaper responds:

I know it, will definitely step up more in the next project.

Thanks for the review!

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2.50 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2009
11:39 AM EDT