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Heya, NGers!
This is probably my first big and serious flash project. I'm n00b. But I worked very hard on this one. I began doing this as a test but I decided to add a storyline and music. So this is the result. :D

- Jarty.

EDIT: Wow! Thanks for awesome score and great reviews! You, guys, rock! <3

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Roger Van Der Weide Vs Goanimate

Nice one

Well i thought in the beginning is boring but when i watched the rest i liked it 9 stars because of the beginning

Jartemius responds:

Hi. Thanks for comment. Good luck!

Good job, Jarty

For your first seriously made flash, i applaud you.

Although i found it a bit too slow paced at times, i liked the smooth animation and interaction between characters.

Overall, nice one. I hope to see more from ye. >: D

Jartemius responds:

Hi, Hacky!
I didn't know that you have a NG account... Anyway, thanks for coment. And about ''more'' - don't worry. ;)

Very Well Made.

Even though I wasn't too fussed about the audio choice - it was alright, I guess - I thought this animation was pretty good. You have great potential to - not just make better stick figure animations - but maybe start using proper figures in animation. Nice start, anyways; you obviously know how to animate.

I also liked the little effects you had thrown in such as the whole slow-mo concept. Very well done. The filter effects you used were also effective. The thing I guess I wasn't too sure on was the whole text dialogue idea as it's usually used but not too well... but I guess you managed to make it look rather clean, so I'll make an exception. Maybe for later flash projects you could add voice acting.

Anyways, overall: I enjoyed watching this and thought you did a damn good job for your first submission here on Newgrounds. I wish you luck on your future projects, and if you stick around on this site longer, I'll keep my eyes out for you. 7/10.

Jartemius responds:

Thank you for the amazing reviw. You made me happy. :D

You called?

I'm giving it a ten, simply for the name :3

Animation: 7/10
For a stickman flash, it wasn't too bad..I liked some of the slow-motion effects, and the movement was fluid..However, the people had very short arms..

Concept/Storyline: 6/10
Well, it's a stickfigure fighting movie, I can't give you any originality points for it, but I liked the inclusion of humour too, and the faces were nice..

Audio: 8/10
I like the music, generally..It fitted well, and was good music anyway. I also liked how you brought in the music. Usually, I wouldn't say this, but this time, voice acting would have ruined it.

Overall: 10/10
Not a bad movie, but AWESOME NAME!!!

I would have given it a 7, but the name!! :3

Jartemius responds: