Reviews for "Insanimation"


You just needed som real background.

Jartemius responds:

OK. Thanks for rating. :)


This flash was much better than i expected. It was very simple, but sometimes simple works. What made it best was the music. Good job! Can't wait for the next.

Jartemius responds:

Why THANK YOU! I hope that I'll not so lazy.


How did this start out as a test???
It's is too awesome to have ever been a test.
I HAVE to say something to it for constructive criticism.
You have a little to much frames between things like when his feet are sliding across the ground, but that's all i can really say.

Jartemius responds:

Hey, DB!
Thanks for review and rating!
(I'm waiting your tests ;) GOGOGO!) Thanks again.


that was awesome. i love the fight sequence.

Jartemius responds:

Thanks! :D

Just... wow...

I'm just amazed...
I never saw a sticks film that looked so nice like this one... Seriously...
I'm just... astonished.. I can't believe this really IS your first actual "big" project...
I'll be looking forward to the next one ;)
(Although some other films, are better than this one, this one's almost perfect in this "stick fight" subject..
Just, gratz for the job well done! ;D


Jartemius responds:

OMG. THANKS A LOT, MAN! :D I'm glad that you enjoyed. ;3