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Hi everybody! It's been around like uh.....3 Months since I made a flash, and as of today I've been animating for 3 years, so I figured I might as well make a flash to celebrate it. So, here's why I haven't been making that much flash lately. I won't be making much more soon either, for the reasons in the vid . Eh, I'd wriet more comments, but just watch it to see what I have to say to you today.

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Hope to see more soon

hahaha! That part with Marie was hilarious. XD
Sorry it took a bit to get her lines to you. Computers aren't the most reliable things. ^_^;

PinClock responds:

Oh hai Wolfwings.

No, Computers aren't. I can't really blame you if your web was down, so I guess all we can say is "oh well"" and move on from that experience.

Hmm... Okay

The animation was alright.
The script seemed to be okay.
This was a fine movie actually.

PinClock responds:

Well, thanks for the compliments, then!

what this!

well.. its great! i loved hwo youshowed your life(kinda) and showed us each time the reasons,and stuff that keep you busy, like (life, friends, school, and err gf's)
also your lack of ideas(oops) and stuff.
i hope ofcourse that you will get more time, and be glad that u done ur ideas, and stuff... so, yea! be happy.
and call me if you need ideas... we can do something like you and be searching fot the ultimate lamp, to get for our rave party. loved how you used repeat clock, and tequila. and the stick joke was fun. (look my page) and errr sum stuff
in general i liked it, pin
ist 5ed

PinClock responds:

Oh hey Billiardball! Sup man?
I actually have Ideas, it's just I'm too busy to anima-WAIT I EXPLAINED THIS IN THE MOVIE
I'd love to talk to you on MSN, provided it stopped freezing on me. I'll get to your movie this year, like I promised.

Also, the Stickman is Cool (That's his name) from another Flash of mine, "Cool the Stickman", created by my good friend Lucent.

Thanks for the 5 as usual!

One of my favorites.

Great job, pin. Loved it. Every second, from beginning to end, was GREAT.

PinClock responds:

Thanks Rocket Fetus.

It would be perfect if...

you added more of that HazardClock, he is such a sexy beast

PinClock responds:

He is in there, check the credits.

Also thanks for the 10 man.

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3.48 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2009
9:51 PM EDT