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Natural Disaster

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My first upload, please be gental...*rubs nipples*....um...all that aside, i know it's kinda choppy, but the shape and motion tweens kinda crapped out on me, so give me a break. :D

well, i'm just looking for some feed back. So tear into me if yuo want, just try to avoid the steriotypical "You suck" and "Go kill yourself for wasting 20.556 second of my life". If you say that, i shall 'lol' at you. that...and then delete yuor worthless comment. :D

*Thanyou for all the feedback! I knew i could trust on newgrounds for some good advice! I'll upload my next project in a few weeks, it'll have a menu and i'll really work on all the stuff you guys said. again, THANKYOU!!!!*


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Fun, I loled

This was a fun animation that i personally Rofled to. Add a menu and if you do happen to remake...Add some buttons in places to change the form of death. Not just the mudkip.

I hope i made some Constructive Criticism! :D

Cool concept

The concept was cool. I feel like Mr. Smith (Work first). But add a menu and keep submitting. Cool work

beastpimp responds:

thankyou! I'll keep improving. Itll just tke time. Thanks for being helpful! :D

Broken record time!

Not bad for a first, needs a menu. Also, auto-repeat? Ick. Fix that, and it'd be good. Don't try to fix the animation, it was just fine. That's just coming from a person who has never used flash in his life.

beastpimp responds:

I'll make a menu for the next upload. In my class, we havn't learned to make scenes yet, and we're just learning buttons and all that shaz. So I'll work on that. The auto-repeat is a mere by-product of this. Thankyou for watching and taking the time to write this review! :)

Nice first

Good enough for a first, make sure the next one has a menu to make it look more professional.

beastpimp responds:

Duely noted, will try to improve on this in the next one.

okay first shot

now it was good for your first time, and wasn't blammed because of that

good job from, josiah10

beastpimp responds:

Thankyou :)

I'll go on everyone's advice and make a much more improved project next time. Thankyou for watching and taking the time to write this review! :)