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Speedway Tower Defense

rated 3.72 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Feb 26, 2009 | 8:41 PM EST

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Author Comments

Haven't you always wanted to fly around, destroying creeps and building defenses to survive? Don't let the enemy cars drive pass the finish line. Use your towers to inflict damage on them and watch the sparks fly. This is not the average generic tower defense game. This game requires great multitasking, but is a simple game to start, and hard to master. Enjoy!

Edit: Made the Game Harder for all of the people saying it was to easy. Maybe I can add an insane difficulty if you guys still aren't happy :p



Rated 4 / 5 stars


But way to easy.

areagle responds:

Fixed. Made it a bit harder. Were you playing on hard? For me I have to be attentive at all times to win.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


too easy, but fun

areagle responds:

Thanks, I made it slightly harder. Hope you enjoy it!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Overall I really liked it! A few things though!

The Stats boxes are huge and kinda in the way! Had to fly around them. They should have been in the top corner or out of the way somewhere NOT on the playing field.

Upgrades numbers didn't jive. Why should I upgrade at double damage, when I could just purchase another unit. Creating more damage!

Would have been nice to see a larger playing field.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I could write a mile long response... but I didn't think that much about this game.

At first, it pleased me immensely, but around round (is there a round counter?), I grew tired.

The nukes, in fact all of the units, need to have a benefit to upgrade. As far as I could tell, upgrading a nuke tank for it's initial cost of 200 gave me twice the damage and nothing else... which means, just buy another nuke tank and you'll be better off. Maybe there are some variables at work that weren't displayed, if so, display them. Otherwise, make it more advantageous to upgrade the tanks.

10 minutes of pure entertainment, 5 minutes of so-so =

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areagle responds:

I see what you mean. Towers should of upgraded to be 2.2x better or so. Thanks for the suggestion!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I played for a while

I didn't focus too much on strategy in this game. I -did- set this on easy though. I didn't realize that after choosing a hero, I'd be fighting already. It took me a while to figure out that it wasn't a demo that was going on. I eventually figured out where to put my hero (I chose the hero that has a "bonus" towards the end). I had for the first half of the game two tanks. I only upgraded one tank, the initial tank, to the max. I probably upgraded my second tank (placed almost next to the first tank) once. I placed my hero nearby. He was positioned so I could make him move left and right to cover the path. I upgraded him to the max. After that, I got the "nuclear truck" or whatever it is (memory already gone ^.^;; ) and I was confused about the lack of splash or explosions. It was just a strong machine gun. The upgrades were, by far, much better than my hero. The distance is initially far, and the damage is relatively high, as well as its reload time being quick. If I restarted, I would probably try to repeat this strategy. I couldn't upgrade this nuclear truck all the way, but by the time I was supposed to have reached 850 for an upgrade, I noticed that the pay-offs weren't equal. I'd suggest not to do that, or to compensate by having upgrades to load, to hurt the person.

That's my strategy-related gameplay on easy. As for graphics, they were all right. I didn't understand why the cars were going on this track, and I questioned why I would be trying to destroy cars on a race track (considering the end had a checkered line, which usually represents a "start/finish" line.

As for sound, I really enjoyed the music, but I was hoping for 2-4 songs to listen to. The sound effects were fitting.

As for replayability, easy mode is too easy, despite the lack of money payoffs. As others have mentioned, this game should be even more challenging. Adding a harder mode shouldn't cut it though. Easy mode and tutorial, no matter how irksome they may be, should always be there, and should be worth it. Your easy mode made me feel stupid, because I really felt like the game was trying to make me do more than I had to. I could have actually looked away and not worry.

Honestly, if there was any strategy involved, I was just going into an all-out attack with nothing but strong towers. I usually use this strategy to further judge my next moves as the game progresses, for when I restart. I usually play, knowing I'll fail the first time.

The enemies were distinguishable by color, but I couldn't tell how much life there was, or when I was fighting bosses (which became apparent that there were), or when the next round started. The cars came by relatively slow to me. Even the "fast cars" came at a slow rate in which I could survive without worries. I'm assuming you're still working on it, considering there's "ground" units. I tried looking for "air" units, but assumed the "normal" units covered that, which didn't make sense considering you had a grenadier truck (which, in a sense, seems tactically flawed).

I was hoping there'd be multiple paths to choose from. I really found the array of vehicles strange. There -may-be a snow plow, but there's no snow to plow. I shouldn't really care too much about logic, but this game had little.

I also remember playing -two- tower games (I'm assuming it's the same game you and the person below me mentioned) where you can move a hero. The problem with that is that with this already relatively easy game (yes, I was on easy mode), but even without my guy, I don't think this game would have been too much of a challenge. The life was high enough for me to not utilize my hero properly anyway.

Adding harder modes doesn't add to the replayability: a harder "easy" mode will, if anything, not detract complaints about its easy gameplay. I'm sorry, but I usually judge by easy modes. I like your game though, since I'm a sucker for TD games. I usually have more fun playing these games than any other games.

I hope your sequel will be fun, with an even harder easy mode (lol). =D

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areagle responds:

Thanks for the great feedback! I really appreciate it!