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K&K - Battlefront

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Very deep and full of adrenaline!

what i see...

Listening to this melody...conjures up the image of a marine standing on the field of battle protecting his fallen commrades. or the single warrior holding the line as his allis escape, holding off an endless tide of enemies.

very powerfull stuff.


...why aren't you working for the blockbuster movie soundtracks?

Honestly, after listening to the Sea one, I came to start listening to the rest, and started wondering if you were Hans Zimmer in disguise.

(Nah, your style is totally different, but point being, your music is very dramatic and intense and excellent, why aren't you composing movie soundtracks?)

@ Everyone's Opinons .

Any song, composition can represent anything. If that guy believes it represents world domination, don't flag it useless, you're just being immature. Music isn't about guessing what it makes you visualize, it's the feeling it gives you through it's soul carressing words of wisdom. It is to wake up anyone from darkness, and to bring you forth a lively day. I myself see this song as an example of infiltry, of me sneaking into these people's houses who keep flagging these people's reviews over their simple opinions. ^^ It's ridiculous, STOP BEING SO ARROGANT.
Very nice song, I myself don't really like much classic, beethoven being the greatest exception. I might download this .
- Daedal Nitency Ambage -

Last Charge

This sounds like a last Heroic charged for freedom