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Game 103 RPG 2.5

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Author Comments

So once again I am releasing the next version of Game 103 RPG. The final one will be called Game 103 RPG 3, or Game 103 RPG Final. Hopefully almost everything is fixed here, and I added a couple more features :). So here is a list of the new features

1) The songs loop now
2) since people were saying how they could not decorate the town, because the guy would keep hitting the buildings, you now have to CLICK the buildings
3) The frame rate higher, as was suggested in the previous release. This makes money making harder, and moving quicker
4) Finally, you can make your dog run into a ball, and it will jump to another spot :)

The only thing that would be different in a Game 103 RPG 3 would probably be a save/load feature. Enjoy!

Here is a guide to help you understand how to play the game

1) earn money by playing the game to buy packs
2) change the color of your dog for $50 and play with it
3) once you buy a pack you can edit your town
4) increase skill with money in the building HQ
5) play music in the music shop

Thanks for playing I hope you enjoy it

Sorry first 21 viewers (if your play game did not work), that was the old file :\, but everything is right now

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Include a better plot, more ways to make money, and better graphics. Your games are getting better.

Try harder.

The graphics are terrible. Find a tablet maybe?
The music is pretty interesting.
The gameplay is utterly horrible.
6 things to do? Bad.

Try harder. Still, nice try.


WOW I PLAYED THIS A WEEK AGAO AND IT HAS 2 TIMES THE CONTENT (lolbecause there was like nothing) but keep updating this (I MEAN LIKE ALL THE TIME) and it will be pretty big (thats what she said). But add another game, and increase the rate of the points you get in the block game for the longer you survive ok? SO JUST KEEP UPDATING THIS. Im sorry i can only give you a 8 for this game BUT IT WILL BE a 10 when you get more content

hallaby responds:

i have already added a second game! look for it in the next release

Slowly but surley right?

getting better glad that the music loops but the decoration thing is still a problem where it resets and the dog sim. is a good idea umm more ways to earn cash then that avoider game hmm lets see what else oh costomizable charecter would be good you can change the color of the dog why not your guy right? a bigger town would be nice and insted of a dog house mabey a house of your own? well thats all i can think of i hope your next ones even better yet. Your getting there good luck

hallaby responds:

i dont think the character will ever be customizable because he is in so many frames and the dog is only in one :\, I tried that before and it dindt work out so good. In my response below i said the town will be bigger. You are definately not the first to way in on the saving of thing location. if you know how to use save cookies PLEASE TELL ME!! I have been trying ever since i released the first version!!! Also, i really thought of no point in having your own house becuase if it were customizable, it would really just be copying the town. Thanks for your good suggestions! they are getting repeated by other users alot though :\ but thats not your fault. Thanks for the good score though!


Well there is just no incentive to play this game.
1. There should be more ways to make money, i.e. more games. Avoid falling blocks to earn cash? That's it?
2. You shouldn't buy skill. There should be an achievement system or something, and that gives you skill.
3. The rewards should be... more rewarding. When you buy the packs, decorate your town, then play a game to earn more money, everything resets. Lame.
4. okay, this would require a lot of work and is probably beyond your capacity at flash(maybe) but there should be more screens that just that one, where you can get more items through minigames/quests.

But what this game REALLY needs is some sort of purpose. Why bother with these items etc.? Well if there was like a rating system (like where you place the items, balloons go on benches, lamp posts) and there was a storyline (higher rating gives you money, makes other people come to your town, maybe there's a rival town or something)...

I don't know. It needs a lot of work, and it's kinda like a stripped down, minigame version of sim city.

hallaby responds:

i dont think you get the idea, your meant to have fun with it, like all those drag and drop games? technically no point, but still cool

as for resetting, that has to do with cookies, if you have any idea how to work them, please tell me cus i dont!!

i did like your 2nd suggestion, the one i said i was gonna make below, you will make money

I will also make the town bigger!

Credits & Info

4.56 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2009
6:22 PM EST