Reviews for "Game 103 RPG 2.5"

Its getting better

Well, you certainly have improved the game. I'm glad that you took to a few of mine and the others' suggestions, it improved alot. One small glitch though, the super mario song won't loop. Well, anyways, i think that you should give the dog a little more to do. In fact, if you have spare time, you should make one of those dog simulation games, where you can feed, water bath them, etc, and you get a small ammount of money for each thing. My other suggestions are still one more game, and when you do the drag stuff and go into a building, its all gone. The game should keep it how you left it. Good work, though, can't wait for the next! Ah, shoot, made a super long review again. Sorry 'bout that.

hallaby responds:

yeah, i always had meant to loop the songs but you reminded me thanks! XD. The next one will be out in maybe two days hopefully, cuz school and all. The minigame suggestion is definately one i consider, if you'll read above you will hear my plans!

Hears what im gonna do, i will make your cash go up every time you get the ball, but if the money gets too high, you will have to feed the dog!


WOW I PLAYED THIS A WEEK AGAO AND IT HAS 2 TIMES THE CONTENT (lolbecause there was like nothing) but keep updating this (I MEAN LIKE ALL THE TIME) and it will be pretty big (thats what she said). But add another game, and increase the rate of the points you get in the block game for the longer you survive ok? SO JUST KEEP UPDATING THIS. Im sorry i can only give you a 8 for this game BUT IT WILL BE a 10 when you get more content

hallaby responds:

i have already added a second game! look for it in the next release

Good effort.

It's clear that you've put a lot of effort into making this, which is good, but it's not quite on it's way to being a memorable game yet.

1. Story. The game needs some sort of story. Even if you're not a writer of epic plays, you can surely come up with a basic story to hold the thing together.

2. Oddities. Why is there a dog? How does paying money to a building grant you skill? How does this skill enable you buy more things in a shop?

3. Graphics. Although I cant draw myself, I think the graphics do need a little clearing up. Maybe add a common interface instead of just dropping text and icons wherever there's a free space.

4. Game. Maybe include another game? If not, improve the collision detection to make sure it's as tight as possible, I thought it was a little unfair.

I don't mean to insult your work at all, on the contrary, it's clear your trying hard and I hope you go far, it's just not quite up to scratch yet. I'm very interested in this project, as aimless RPGs are just my cup of tea :).

hallaby responds:

1) a story - your the mayor of the town and you have to make the town better

2) the dogs there cuz its a feature, just like the game, the music shop etc.
Its Building skill, so you have to the ability to build!

3) Yeah, I really do need to do this, but I have so many graphics :/

4) Ya, I have come up with a ocean game idea where you have to collect stuff at the bottom but avoid sharks

Thanks for helping me improve the game with your suggestions! I will probably add them, I hope this does kick off sometime :)

Slowly but surley right?

getting better glad that the music loops but the decoration thing is still a problem where it resets and the dog sim. is a good idea umm more ways to earn cash then that avoider game hmm lets see what else oh costomizable charecter would be good you can change the color of the dog why not your guy right? a bigger town would be nice and insted of a dog house mabey a house of your own? well thats all i can think of i hope your next ones even better yet. Your getting there good luck

hallaby responds:

i dont think the character will ever be customizable because he is in so many frames and the dog is only in one :\, I tried that before and it dindt work out so good. In my response below i said the town will be bigger. You are definately not the first to way in on the saving of thing location. if you know how to use save cookies PLEASE TELL ME!! I have been trying ever since i released the first version!!! Also, i really thought of no point in having your own house becuase if it were customizable, it would really just be copying the town. Thanks for your good suggestions! they are getting repeated by other users alot though :\ but thats not your fault. Thanks for the good score though!

nice idea

but add detail and graphics do what you did but add to it

hallaby responds:

yeah, kinda like the review below