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Wow, thanks for all the great reviews everyone! Its awesome to read through them all, knowing that people actually like your work... and i got onto the weekly best list! This is unreal.
Front Page too? O_O Wow.. thanks
Daily 3rd? Wow.. never expected that, especially today with all the great submissions posted. Thanks for voting people =0

I advise you watch this animation without any former expectations. After all, its more what you, as the audience, think rather than what I wish you to think.

Hopefully you like it still.

I wanna thank some people I guess, who I missed out in the credits:
-M1CKY (he did the end song which played during the credits)
-tomocles (he told me where to improve when I showed him this for the first time. I think it helped a lot to encourage to to finish)
-anyone I've missed

Thats about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask (as long as they dont question the meaning of the anim) and please write a review- I might not reply to eery one but I DO read them and if they contain any crit I DO take it on board because I want to improve.

Relatively short commentary to match a very short animation.

Oh, and by the way- watch out for a site called T&M which might pop up somewhere soon- it'll have this along with a lot of my other work on it and if you like my stuff Id watch out for it.

Thanks for reading this.



I can't believe i haven't seen this until now! I mean, i know it might sound cheesy, but finding innocent animations on Newgrounds seems like a feat to me, and here one is! I love how it's plot isn't just run of the mill, but the viewer is still able to understand it and get a real emotional connection with the characters. A+

Mesmay responds:

thanks, its great to know people still appreciate this animation type :)


You did a good job. I could relate to the main character, and given the really simple video, that translates to: well created little video. In my mind, anyway.

It also sparked me to want to find more videos with sentiment like this. Not sure where I'd look. I guess my best bet is the Valentine collections if I can find them somehow, or some other relevant collection.


i actually think it needs a 2nd part :o


so awesome, watching it every day again and again :D

T&M's gonna rule !

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its just.. wow...

it s just great! the style of your drawings is cool and you made us understand the message without any text or words...
great job...

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4.28 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2009
4:53 PM EST