Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 4

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Note: Sometimes very rarely the RPG may stop for no reason and not move, in that case, right-click and play to resume it. The cause for this has not been found
*The RPG*

It's not very hard at all. I have defeated him many times. If you're having trouble with beating the RPG, this is how I did it. I levelled regeneration a lot. Be aware of the Shadow Shuriken attack! It can be dangerous

You will recieve 50 SP on your whole party if you get hit by that, though!
If anyone finds any errors, please leave them in the comments. The best reviewer will be displayed in my next flash movie. Which is... SSW vs SCD 3 - I haven't made that one in a long time. Sorry for the long delay. I don't make flash movies as often nowadays. If you need to contact me, please go to 'contact info' on the menu screen. This flash movie is almost 5MB large in size so please be patient.

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This was decent

So you have an interesting flick here, there are some positive things about this flash aswell as a few negitives, But as I am starting out this review its a good piece and I have enjoyed how this has started out. This was a Treat and Wonderfully strated. I do like the "SPACE-BAR" as to move from scene to scene and dialog to dialog, but maybe allow it to just flow more as a story and remove all that space bar stuff just a thought. you have a good sprite film here. So Overall this was pretty decent, but with all that said I hope to see more stuff from you eventually. This was pretty pleasent maybe a few things could be more Enhanced and such. but its a Definite fave of mine.

And once again I must say that was a pretty good entry something differant but I liked it for what it is, The only thing I can see you fixing up here would be to remove the "NEXT-SCENE" space bar option and let it flow as a story.


Wow, I lost to Exodus twice but then beat him, I wanted to come back to this after watching it years ago, Hopefully we get to finish it. PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome! And In WIN!

Awesome Animation :), The RPG battle was pretty easy to win :), Can't wait for Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 5 :D


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4.63 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2009
3:01 AM EST