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The Strangers 3

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Author Comments

You have been called in by General Daniel to take out some hostile targets in enemy territory. You will have three weapons at your disposal... show your team that you have what it takes to meet your objectives. Make sure to use the right weapon for close-range and long-range combat!

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Kind of dumb, you just shoot until you die. No other goals in the game.

I thought this game was just okay and most people seem to agree with me. I guess I'm just not into these kinds of shooting games. I didn't understand how many shots it took to kill one guy. At least a headshot did the whole thing at once. I thought the music wasn't bad. The graphics were fairly nice too.

It's just that this didn't give me anything too new. The most annoying thing was reloading. I kept forgetting how to do that. It's not that good of a game for me to try to get used to it. Is that war over by now?


These are things that need to improve...


2. Unlock stuff

3. Shoot while under cover...

This series has degraded to pitiful trash...

First of all, I loved The Strangers 1. It has a mix of tactical shooting, movement tactics, and great graphics. In The Strangers 2, it turned into another run of the mill half-assed sniper game, and in this one it has turned into a half-assed duck-n-shoot game. The game was painfully sluggish to play, the weapons were weak and had no feel to them, and instead of the tactical sniping which made the first game so different and great, you're shooting hundreds of random terrorists in a generic desert environment. I realize that you're trying to appeal to the masses of unintelligent people who don't have the comprehension skills for something as simple as tactical shooting, or even simple movement, but this is just sad. There is absolutely nothing to distinguish it from the hundreds of other duck-n-shoot games that are out there, from the cheesy dialogue, horrible pace, and generic foes which doom this game series to bite the dust. The Strangers had the potential to be a great, counter-sniper series, but the fact that you had to integrate pitched combat and ridiculously implausible scenarios completely killed it. If you have any sense, remake The Strangers 1 with more missions and upgraded graphics, and you'd have a classic on your hands. Until then, everyone should ignore this train wreck of a flash game.

Just needs some/much balance.

First the good:
- Sound works well
- Art: looks good.
- Basic gameplay: good in theory: a variety of weapons that are intuitive and a cover mechanic

The bad: the execution of the gameplay. (sorry but this is what made this a 5 and not a 9).

The game offers the play no choice. By this I mean that there is one best option (use the rifle and never duck).
Ducking is loaded with flaws:
1) you can't shoot as you emerge from cover, but the bad guys can shoot you.
2) As you are in cover more badguys keep showing up, soon a constant wall of fire will be waiting when you stand up.
3) I can reload faster than I can duck.

Problems with the weapons:
1) They all reload at the same rate. If the pistol was a faster reload than the rifle I might consider it, but as it stands the pistol is there for when you run out of rifle ammo.

Problems with the A.I.
1) When thinking about AI think patterns and not speed. The AI just kept getting faster. This is the tetris AI. It fails in a shooter. Maybe if there were some more variety each with a different pattern.
2) When does the level end? I have no idea if I was 1 guy or ten guys away from finishing a level when I died.

It could get better later, but the gameplay issues were enough for me to stop half way in to level 3.

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2009
7:58 PM EST