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Reviews for "The Strangers 3"

potential burried

could have been really good, just that duck system is completely messed up. It takes 4 seconds to get behind or get out of cover, and that whole time you are exposed and taking hits but cant shoot back. It was safer to just stay up. I always died when i tried to take cover.
I would like to consider that a bug, but it makes the whole game drag behind. Fix it asap. It could be SO GOOD!

Awsome Game

You were able to make a crappy duck n shoot game into a great War themed Fps. However it was too easy and too slow paced. Plus after a short time there wasn't much left keeping you playing. It got bland after a fairly short time.


it was an ok game, he ducks really slow and its really easy!!
i dont hav much to say about it sorry, but..... good way to waste some spare time.

Old concept, but with originality.

It's a little ridiculous that they hit you every time they shoot, may wanna fix that.


This person must be fat :)

I don't like to play as a fat kid in the middle of a lone wolf mission...they don't crouch to well. But this fat kid is different, he doesn't absorb bullets too well. Yeah you should either fix the fat problem or the bullet problem.