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Reviews for "The Strangers 3"

Ok game

But could use more interactivity man like using cover crouch and stand etc. Also could use more interactivity with the bodies. When you shoot them all they do is like stick their arms out and stuff. They could atleast like fall or something similar to that. Better luck next time playa.

Ps Im not black I just like that term playa

Good, but has some problems.

For starters, it takes a while for the character to duck and stand up. So you'll get shot 3 times while you try to get up. You also can't shoot within that time, so you're left defenseless.

Also, ammo doesn't refill after you die. So, eventually you won't have any ammo!

I hope this helps. If you could fix this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!


pretty good game...kinda short and too hard with out the cheats,7/10 4/5