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Super Mario Story part1

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Hello everyone, this is a new series im working on called "Super Mario Story". It's short by the way, but I hope you still like it. Well, it wasn't really my plan to make it this short. But due to the fact that my lab top can only handle so much, (sigh) I had to summit to it's will. :( Im currently working on Part two right now, cuz I find it way too short to submit XD. So Part two will be coming out sometime soon, so stick around to that. I wish to also say please forgive me in some of the grammar in some parts in the vid.
I tried to fix them, but I just made it worse... a little... I think?. lol. ooops..XD. well other than these things I hope the video is fine. Oh and if you guys would like to give any suggestions, THAT WOULD BE GREAT! 8D
also to give you a heads up, you may not understand what's going on....but still hope it fine with you guys.
Well gotta go! Hope you like the video! o^__^o

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NEED MAWR MAWR MAWR MAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HURRY UP WIT PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


actuly the one who cares about luigi is names mimi shes from super paper mario oh ya and its realy good

Great! But I put 9 Stars cause of how fast it is.

Good part: Great storyline! I can't WAIT FOR PART 2!!!!!
Bad part: I put 9 Stars... it's great, but I hope the next one is longer!

(Message for author: Don't take my 9 Star rate bad, the movie itself was Great!)


Thx so much for making this!!! i can't wait for part 2.

Needs improvement: There were some grammar mistakes and on the next part, try to make it so that you can press space when the dialog comes instead of pressing on the thing.
Good: The gestures and movements when they were talking were quite good.
Good: The idea is definately original and cool.
Good: I am quite a big fan of Mario and i have most of the games so i'm pretty sure that icy-evil-girl-creature who made mario become a baby is new and the same about the girl who cares about Luigi.


When is part 2 coming???

kawaiiminda responds:

thank you so much for the feed back.
as for part 2? i know it's been a while but it'll surly come out. sorry for the long wait.

More, More, MORE!

Wow This is Great,, I hope part 2 comes soon. I Can't wait!

kawaiiminda responds:

thanks i know its been a long time but part 2 will come eventually.:)