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Reviews for "Super Mario Story part1"



kawaiiminda responds:

Wow thank you lol! THanks alot ZmanStar!

be prepared for part 2! XD

great job man

That was incredible! And it was longer then a minute. The animatio was great, the sprite movement was great, and the whole Mario turning into his baby form... GENIUS!!! cant wait for the second part.

kawaiiminda responds:

WOW lol!
thanks! Sonicmcbob Glad you liked it! 8D

Pretty good already, with excellent potential

Okay, I'm sorry but that intro was reaaaaly cheesy sounding. However, the intro music was great. The intro music from Paper Mario TTYD was one of my favorite intro songs for a Mario game, and it worked great here. The music was well chosen thoughout in fact. Storyline wise, it was excellent overall. There were a few issues with transitions. Well, one anyway. When E. Gadd comes out and stops Mario right after he told him to head to the castle, people are gonna want to know why that happened. You change to a Luigi scene right there, though. Guess it isn't a transition problem really, just more of a plothole. Why? You never explained why he stopped Mario. When you come back to Mario's scene, Mario is getting ready to leave again, like E. Gadd hadn't stopped him. I'd think you were going to explain that, but then the villain appears and poofs away E. Gadd, so it seems like it would be hard to explain why Mario went back to the shop. Speaking of the villain, nice work! You created a new villain. She looks cool, no pun intended. Also, I like that you brought Mimi into this. At first I thought it was bad, but then I remembered she is good in the end, so it made sense when she decided to care for Luigi.

One other thing, since this story seems to attempt to explain the origin of Wario, I can't help but mention that a while back (January 1993 I think) Nintendo Power printed a comic called Mario VS Wario, which establishes that Mario and Wario were childhood friends turned rivals. Not official, but widely accepted as such. Also, Wario being created just now as a Mario doppleganger would contradict the existance of Baby Wario, a character in Yoshi's Island DS. Now you have every right to make a story like this with Wario as a doppleganger, but due to my being a nerd I can't help but point out that your story contradicts things already established about the Mario universe. It's not too big a deal, as this is just a Newgrounds flash (and not as destructive of the Mario universe as Power Star), so I actually find it interesting and think it will make for a good story.

Thanks for listening to my inner nerd. Overall, I think the series is great so far, and has the potential to be up in the ranks with Power Star and Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom. I look forward to the rest of it. Oh yeah, and the problems you mentioned in the description weren't that major. The length of this one was enough to satisfy me for now, but in the future, longer ones would be much appreciated. And the grammer? Honestly I didn't notice anything, and I'm better than grammer than your average English teacher. No really, I correct English teachers all the time just to watch their embarassment. Aren't I mean?

Good luck, I know this series will be great!

kawaiiminda responds:

Thank you very much!
also, I guess I can give the statement here.
the Part where Mario is going in the shop, that was mario just stoping by to say hi.
and the part where E.gadd stopped Mario he just wanted to tell him he wanted to tag along with Mario visiting the princess. Sorry I didn't make it seem notice able.
oh yah and the Mario vs Wario thing...hmmmm I never new about that till now.
and YAH!
I really Hope this Series Become as great As those! 8D

very nicely done

I hope theres a back story to all of this amd the real wario pops in. unless that was the real one.

kawaiiminda responds:

*Dundundunnnnn......*.......that was Wario...0-0

wow nice

maybe this would be like another mario parody like power star or rise of the mushroom kingdom keep it up man =D

kawaiiminda responds:

Wow thank you!
I really hope this series goes that Far! 8D