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Saw KOS! Style

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The games overall entertainment value was strong audio quality music-- (very important) as stunning. Voice acting could of used better mics due to the quality of it another suggestion is to have a more indepth option menu preferably an option to get rid of the cursor when you move off the screen


So I'll start with the bad:

*The mouse icon doesn't dissapear when I slide my mouse curser off the screen, it just sits there annoying the piss out of me! Well not really but it can still be distracting.
*The Backgrounds looked kind of cheap, just a white backdrop with a few pencil line bricks. I understand that you're not trying your hardest to make something epic here, just to make a quick funny short, never the less it's my job to find flaws so...yeah.
*The voice acting was a little hard to understand, The only character I could understand was onions and I couldnt understand him after his head got obliterated, kind to think of it should I be able to understand anyone after their head gets obliterated? ah well you know what I mean.

On the bright side the animation was good, the voice acting wasn't bad, just hard to understand. They sounded like characters instead of some ear piercing shithead gargling hot iron into the mic, which is what alot of the voice acting in cheap flash movies remind me of.

Overall 7/10 4/5 Thanks for the quick dose of entertainment.


But subtitles should be needed because I kind of find the deeper tone voice a bit unclear. Besides that I found the flash quite entertaining and hilarious. Keep the good work up onions

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks for the advice, but this flash is ancient. lol


That was funnny....

OnionsXD responds:

not as funny as MAGIC CRYSTAL will be!!!!!

Not bad.

I didn't think it was horrible, but the voice acting could use some improvement. It was hard to understand, at most points, what was being said. Make sure you're speaking loudly and clearly so that viewers can understand you. I also thought it got a little too repetitive, but hey, what is the Saw series if not boring and blatant, money grabbing repetition? So, overall, this could improve quite a bit, but not so bad...compared to your first flash. :D

OnionsXD responds:

thanks i appreciate your review

Credits & Info

4.58 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2009
6:07 AM EST