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Reviews for "Saw KOS! Style"


That was hilarious,
what an annoying..onion.

This was great!

OnionsXD responds:

just a little fyi his name is Onions with an "s"
you know like in jesus?
anyway thanks for watching my toon!

that was funny yet...

damn right freaky when he kept laughing o.o but it was pretty good... loved the easter egg xD

OnionsXD responds:



pretty funny and i agree that it was definatley creepy when he kept laughing....

OnionsXD responds:

thanks glad i could entertain you!


But subtitles should be needed because I kind of find the deeper tone voice a bit unclear. Besides that I found the flash quite entertaining and hilarious. Keep the good work up onions

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks for the advice, but this flash is ancient. lol

The games overall entertainment value was strong audio quality music-- (very important) as stunning. Voice acting could of used better mics due to the quality of it another suggestion is to have a more indepth option menu preferably an option to get rid of the cursor when you move off the screen