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As I Am

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Hello to all of you loyal Newgrounders!

My latest short tells about a very common situation in life, we probably all find ourselves in some time or another: you desperately try to catch the attention of a girl, but she doesn't even notice. No matter how hard you try, it seems she doesn't care at all. This gave me the inspiration for my new flash.

Many thanks to Pigeonite for his advice, help and tips.

Enough said.. Enjoy!

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That was very good, the facial expressions were very mind speaking
and the characters are much more human than those in your previous
you're go higher and higher to the top, frontpage next time ;)

Your best yet!

Hiya pal!
I must say I find this your best flash up until now.
The backgrounds, the facial expressions, colouring... You've evolved so much over the years.
I still remember I thaught you how to use symbols and frames and stuff and this is what it has become. I'm really proud and hope you continue evolving more!

(And now maybe, you can teach me some teqhniques xD)

pepijn-claus responds:

Thanks a lot, Goten-2!
I'm glad you liked it!
Keep in touch: I never became so far without ur help in the past. I owe you that! xD

Many greetinz and good luck with ur next Flash!

It was fantastic!

Hey brother!
Finally you've written me by the tanks too! xD
You're movie is great and i know you've worked a lot on this.
I really liked it and it's great that you've erased the strange bridge in the beginning.
I hope I will be just as good in the future as you are now.
OMG I'm gonna cry! :D


I didn't know what to think when i saw my song had been used, but i was quite impressed! All I'm about to say has already been said, basically. Good facial animation, it captured some subtle stuff that you wouldn't get out of a lot of other shorts.


And, 'course, the audio was sweet!

nah, jk. But seriously, thanks for using it.

pepijn-claus responds:

Hello there :)
I think without ur audio, my flash had never been finished. It really helped me out with the story and the emotions.
Thank you for the great song you've made. I hope to hear more of your audio in the future, because you've really got talent! :)
Keep it up!

A Beautiful Work of Art

Despite what some shallow minded (and/or impatient) individuals may say, I hope that you pay them no attention as they are obviously blind to developing talent. I loved the artwork, the song you chose, as well as the story, as it can say many things to many different people. As you get better and more experienced I'm sure you'll craft far more impressive pieces than this, but this is a huge step in the right direction. I have not real constructive criticism to offer, just keep up the good work!