Heart of Melodies (v1.1)

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I KNOW THE SOUND QUALITY IS A FAIL. I, for one, do not have access to amazing recording equipment, although for v1.2 I'm going to try hard and get something worked out. :-)

It's up to you if you knock off points for something i can't control.

Moving on. :-)

Recently, my high school has gone through the suicide of one of our sophomores (which devastated EVERYONE), and the sudden deaths of two fathers of two juniors.

This is my musical response to these grim happenings.

This song starts off with a simple melody, and then drifts into a spare and pretty melody. "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" which signifies God's presence in our lives. The quiet melody is quickly drawn out by a thundering middle movement, which represents the trials of life and how easily we can lose track of what's important.

And then it all drops away...and the hymn returns, before explosively finishing off the song.

I...can just express myself in music. It is my hope that this song will give you hope. That even when things seem loud and clamorous and scary and confusing...you realize that there are things to get you through.

-God Bless.-


Updates:::: Good news! My church has given me permission to use their epic baby grand in the final recording, v1.2

(Although when i say final that could mean anything....i could get inspiration to write another part on, etc, etc)

AND my school/teachers have given a date for the chapel at which this song needs to be finished--APril 23. Yes, this isn't finished. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO DOWNLOAD THIS SONG, FIGURE IT OUT, AND ADD TO IT AND REPOST IT, YOU'RE WELCOME TO IT. There are loads of talented folks on newgrounds, more so than I am. If you have any ideas about the song, structurally, then please please let me know. kthnx.

Some of the reviews I have been getting on this song just...well...yeah. To think that this song touched you all as much as it touched me writing it...it's a phenomenal feeling. Music transcends almost everything, music tugs at your heart...


I regret to say that i need to add to the list of people this song is dedicated to. Another father of another junior just passed away on today, Jan 2. WHY THE HELL DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?

I don't know.


~Come, thou Fount of every blessing,
tune my heart to sing thy grace;
streams of mercy, never ceasing,
call for songs of loudest praise.
Teach me some melodious sonnet,
sung by flaming tongues above.
Praise the mount! I'm fixed upon it,
mount of thy redeeming love.~

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Now all I wish is to hear it in better quality. Because it's AWESOME SONG!!
You, sir, have a great talent!

SatoDraygonFist2 responds:


:D But thanks. I actually forgot I had this on newgrounds for a second. The melody is still in my head, though. We'll see what happens eventually.

Nice Job!

This music is really great, I know the quality is not so great. But I understand you don't have any super equipment. But the music is really great. It is really good and nice job on this it feels good to listen. Nice work and Good Luck :)


Hmm, this is a piano based piece sold around the lights of ones heart and soul unto thou's feeling for whatever it is that is most important to you. That said, it is done quite well and I've noticed a couple things. Ok, so the sound quality isn't the greatest...but at the same time that presents opportunities. 00:22 the first truly bad quality note is played...but at the same time it feels as if had you not had the static that one note would have been fantastic...in other words I think this could go soooo much further then just a simple piano...in fact by itself it is simply fantastic (-points for the quality...what can I say =\). The composition spreads out and takes a person into their own world...it is a piece written from the heart not the mind...this I can understand because whenever I manage to get my hands on a piano I do much the same. I will be PMing you with a request and if you like I can also include some of the ideas that are running through my mind right now. Bear with me.



Such a beautiful song indeed, congratulations! When I hear it I find a mixture of sadness because of yesterday experiences, but at the same time a feeling of hapiness and hope for the future that is yet to come.

I agree with Jimbosan, if you can make it a little longer you will amaze everyone in here. Keep it up!

SatoDraygonFist2 responds:

That's what i was going for, and I thank you for your review. Most def keep looking for a new version....heh!

shit NOOOO

man my speackers gone fgs gonna have 2 get new 1s

SatoDraygonFist2 responds:

...? k? Thanks for the...uhh....review.

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