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Dodgeman 2!

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The sinister Throwman is out for revenge! Help Dodgeman thwart his nasty plans by dodging everything that Throwman is throwing at him.

Be careful, though! The nefarious Throwman has spent the last 10 years perfecting his art and leaves no margin for error! If so much as a pixel of an object brushes against you, you will lose a life!

Collect flashing objects to build ladders, jetpacks, spacesuits and more to work your way upwards towards the source of the problem - Throwman himself! Can you defeat Throwman and save yourself and the planet from falling destruction? More importantly to some, can you top the high score list?


Arrow keys make Dodgeman move, spacebar will pause the game. For more information, please see "How to Play" on the main menu of the game.


Player 2 uses the mouse to take control of Catchman, Dodgeman's astrally projected telekinetic brother, to click and drag objects away from Dodgeman. Every time this power is used 20 points are sacrificed, so use sparingly!


For those who want to maximize their high score chances, read on.

You get points for every second that you survive Throwman's falling onslaught. Scores are based on how many extra lives you have remaining. Here's how the scores are calculated.

3 or more extra lives remaining: You get 3 points per second.
2 extra lives remaining: You get 2 points per second.
1 extra life remaining: You get 1 point per second.
0 extra lives remaining: You get 1 point every 2 seconds.


You will lose your points for the current level (but not your total score) if you miss a flashing powerup such as a ladder segment or a jetpack component. You will not lose any points if you miss a free man but will probably still be sad.

In addition, 20 points are removed every time Catchman is used in Co-op play.


If you manage to complete the game, you will get 100 bonus points for every extra life remaining!

If you do really well and get the good ending to the story, you will get 200 bonus points!


When Dodgeman loses all of his lives, the game is over. If you choose to continue, your total score will be lost, but you will be able to continue the story from that point. If you choose to quit, the game will end but you will be able to post your total score on the online leaderboard.



Programmer: Adam Holmes
Artist: Chris Burgesse

Dec 18, 2008: Daily 9th!

Dec 20th 2008 UPDATE:
After careful consideration of all of the feedback from Newgrounds members, I've made the following changes:
- Added music to level 3
- Adjusted the difficulty in the final level
- If you get the bad ending, you now have the option to continue from the beginning of the boss battle, but at the cost of your score

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Great game.

I have a one question: Is there was a Dodgeman 1?

Holmfry responds:

Thank you!! There was... waaaay back in the day. Made it when I was a wee lad. Keep that in mind, as I'm slightly embarrassed to share it, lol... http://holmadegames.com/files/DODGEMAN.zip

Nice graphics and I like the music. One thing I'll say though Holmfry that either the player should have more lives, or the even better idea is that whenever you die you get a checkpoint at the level you died at, but at the beginning of it and you only get one life. I like the music, but it can get quite annoying at sometimes. And the voice does too, but it might just be me. I wish there was more animation for dodgeman, though I do still like the game. That's all I really have to say about it because there's not much of it, but the idea of a back story is amazing, just your's made the game worse. Thank you for the game, Holmfry!

Holmfry responds:

Thanks for the review. Quick note - the game does have a checkpoint at the level you died at, you just have to select Continue and off you go!

The. Most. Thrilling. And. Immersive. Indie. Title. Of. All. Time.


In level 6(aliens) you should have put the Michael Jackson song because of the moonwalk.

So bad its awsome!!!

I hate this game so much it's super cool! :D

Holmfry responds:

Uh.... thanks? :/

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2008
8:43 PM EST