Zelda I: A Hero is Born

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This only took about a week and a half to make so whatever. It's my first real sprite movie so I hope you like it! BTW, this is only episode I. There WILL be more... ha ha ha ha... plus I credited myself for one of my own songs used in this flash lol :]

Oh yea, one more thing,
If ANYTHING is going wrong, please contact me at bigboo2315@yahoo.com


Wow! I can't believe people actually LIKE this! Next week is Christmas Break so after Christmas, and my yearly trip to my aunt and uncle's house in Madison, I will get started on part II! I'm thinking about adding voices so if anyone wants to volunteer to be a voice actor, I would appreciate your help. I'll get back to you guys on that. You guys are the best! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

-- Evan Prichard (Bigboo2315)

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i did lol at some parts. the story was funny for zelda fans. could have been longer!! there were some flash errors..er annoyances. which is why i gave this a 7. when you make text a button, create a box in the hit state of the button this way you dont have to click on the actual letters of the button to proceed. lol DRIVES ME CRAAAZY and im sure alot of other people as well

overall, i do think you did a good job

MasterSwank responds:

thanks for the tips

good stuff

not half bad for your first sprite vid, im just getting into it myself too.
my only complaint is the length... but hey, videos can be short and yet effective when the right things are added to it,
keep up the good work and cant wait to see what you do different in the sequal(s) to come.

MasterSwank responds:

Wow people actually LIKE my videos!


more lol so hard i almost die:).

MasterSwank responds:


hmm possible voice acting?

well i guess if you want voice actors i could volenteer so long as i'm acredited for what i do all in all not a bad flash needs some tweeking the frames are up too long after the text is finished being read but that's really all that i could think of right now

MasterSwank responds:

Well, my next flash has been delayed. Go to my profile for mord infornation.

Good one ¡¡

I really apreciated the fact that you used all the graphis in pixel style, I also watch your movie two times becasue I love the soundtrack of Zelda and In my personal opinion in "Bytes" mode, sounds simply amazing. You animation remind me when I was young, hiding in my room playing Zelda until highs hours in the night.
I gonna wait for your new submitions, and I will expect a little bit SFX in it, That could be a good way to improve your style. Keep going¡¡ good work

MasterSwank responds:

Oh yea i can definently put in SFX and i feel the same way, i like everything to be in pixels and bytes too lol

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3.33 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2008
9:08 PM EST
Comedy - Parody